How to “Unfreeze” Your Dreamers

3 min readOct 16, 2021


The metadata reveal of the Dreamers is unlike most NFTs. We first implemented this approach with the Dreamloops collection by allowing users to keep their Dreamloops “wrapped” or “unwrap” them, revealing their metadata. The Dreamers collection is similar, as your Dreamers are frozen and held in “cryostasis” until you choose to unfreeze them — revealing their specific animations, features, and unique music.

Your Dreamer will look like this until “unfrozen” or “awakened”

Below is a brief guide on the steps to awaken your Dreamers!

Connect to the “My Bitlectro” Page at

Click this first

Click on Connect in the upper right, this will prompt MetaMask to connect you to our site. Then click “My Bitlectro” to view the Dreamers that you currently own.

Select the Dreamer you want to “unfreeze”

The My Bitlectro page which will display your Dreamers

You will see a horizontal carousel of the Dreamers you currently own. Clicking on any one Dreamer will load a preview card for that particular NFT.

Click “Unfreeze Dreamer” at the bottom right of the card.

Click this to awaken or unfreeze your Dreamer

The awakening environment will now load, and you will be taken to the Cryostasis room.

The cryostasis room

Accept the MetaMask request and pay the gas fee

You will now need to accept a request in your Metamask wallet. This will cost a small Ethereum gas fee. As gas fees vary throughout the day, you may want to time your awakenings strategically.

Now, because Ethereum can take a moment to confirm a transaction, you will need to wait until the transaction you just accepted is confirmed by the network. Once the transaction is confirmed, your Dreamer will appear in the cryochamber, and you will hear your Dreamer’s unique song. This may take up to a minute or two depending on the current state of the Ethereum network.

After awakening your Dreamer, OpenSea may take a moment to refresh your Dreamer’s metadata. You can hasten the process by clicking the refresh metadata button on any individual OpenSea page.

If you are having issues, please let us know on our Discord:




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