Dreamloops Album Redemption is LIVE!

5 min readJan 12, 2022


Happy New Year Dreamers and Dreamloopers! We have flipped the switch, and our redemption portal is live! As most of you know, to claim a physical pressing of the Dreamloops album, your Dreamloop must first have the appropriate “Redeemable” metadata, specifically, it must be tagged with Cassette, Vinyl, or Vinyl & Cassette. Second, a redeemable Dreamloop must be unwrapped and have been held in the same wallet for a total of 182.5 days or greater to begin the redemption process. If you’ve met these criteria, below are the instructions on how to receive your physicals!

Redemption Process

First, go the My Bitlectro portion of our website. You will be able to access your Dreamloops on the site using a simple toggle.

Click to change which collection you are viewing

Your redeemable Dreamloops will show how many days remaining before they can be redeemed.

Once a redeemable has met the staking requirement — this field will change to a button that starts the claim process.

Once staked for 182.5 days, you will see this button with a redeemable Dreamloop.

Fill out the fields in the form and click “Submit.” This will begin the redemption process. You will receive an email once your physical copy of the Dreamloops album has shipped. There is no additional shipping cost for you to claim your physical album. If there are any special instructions regarding your shipping address, please shoot us an email via admin@bitlectrolabs.com or let us know in the #support channel of our Discord.

Note, after submitting the form to receive the physical album, DO NOT sell or transfer your Dreamloop until we have notified you that your album has shipped. You may also want to verify that the metadata has changed on OpenSea to reflect that the item has been claimed (e.g., Already Redeemed — Not Redeemable). If you transfer or sell your Dreamloop after submitting the form before we ship it, you will not receive the physical. This is to prevent users from pre-emptively selling Dreamloops that have been redeemed before we have updated the metadata of those Dreamloops to reflect that they have been claimed. We verify that each submitted Dreamloop is in the same wallet before shipping every order.

Metadata Updates

A couple notes on recent metadata changes are discussed below. Once a redeemable Dreamloop has been staked for 182.5 days, some metadata changes will occur!

Previously, the “Redeemable” category for Dreamloops had only four states:

  • Not Redeemable
  • Cassette
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl & Cassette

Now however, we’ve added the following four states:

  • Cassette — Ready for Redemption
  • Vinyl — Ready for Redemption
  • Vinyl & Cassette — Ready for Redemption
  • Already Redeemed — Not Redeemable

Essentially, once an unwrapped, redeemable Dreamloop has been in the same wallet for 182.5 days, the metadata will change indicating it is ready to be claimed through our redemption portal.

Once a redeemable Dreamloop’s metadata has changed to indicate that it is ready for redemption, it will keep this status until it is redeemed. That means, you can send it to a friend, sell it on OpenSea or another marketplace, or move it to a different wallet — and still it keeps the Ready for Redemption metadata status. This was a slight change to the initial protocol, and was chosen by popular demand among our Discord users.

Note, if you move a Dreamloop to a different wallet before this status has changed, the timer starts over. An unwrapped, redeemable Dreamloop must stay in the same wallet for 182.5 uninterrupted days in order to become ready for redemption.

Once a physical item, cassette or vinyl, has been shipped to the holder, the metadata for that Dreamloop will be changed to Already Redeemed — Not Redeemable. Each redeemable Dreamloop may only claim a physical album once.

Additional Site Updates and Bug Fixes

·Dreamloops added to BitlectroLabs.com

·New “unwrap” environment for Dreamloops: The NEC PC98

Come view the new “unwrap” environment on the My Bitlectro page

If you wish to unwrap in our 3D environment — that experience is still available at https://legacy.bitlectrolabs.com

·Download buttons for audio and animation added to both Dreamers and Dreamloops.

Clicking on the “PFP” or “MP3” buttons below a Dreamloop or Dreamer within My Bitlectro will download the animation or audio of that token. This is currently only supported on Desktop Browsers.

Use the buttons on the lower right of any individual Dreamer or Dreamloop card to download your media.

If you want to combine them into a video (mp4), we recommend using Kapwing (https://www.kapwing.com/studio/editor). Earlier we published a guide on how to make shareable videos of your combined media, https://bitlectro.medium.com/how-to-download-your-dreamloops-673db561be28.

·Mobile “unwrap” and “unfreeze” should now be working on most devices.

·Carousel updates on “My Bitlectro” — when browsing you can now more easily return to where you left off in your collection


To speak with the team directly about the project, please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/bitlectro

Follow our Twitter for the latest giveaway and release announcements: https://twitter.com/bitlectro





Creators of Dreamers and Dreamloops, audiovisual NFTs — some redeemable for physical media (vinyl/cassette). More info at dreamlands.io